Brewelist Advent Calendar – Stone Brewing Xocoveza Charred

You know the holidays are coming when Stone Brewing puts out Xocoveza, a beer that is inspired by Mexican hot chocolate and is a glorious blend of chocolate, chili and other flavors that culminate in a strong dark beer with a little boozy flavor.

Xocoveza Charred takes that flavor to another level – the base beer is aged in barrels for a period of time, which lends a really nice smoky flavor to the beer. It also mellows things out a little bit.

This one is kind of a specialty/luxury pick as it’s not easy to get. I got lucky and found a bottle at a local grocer. I’m not sure if Stone released some this year after aging it for two years, or if someone misplaced a case back in 2016 and recently found it. Either way, I’m happy for the find and my husband and I enjoyed it a lot.

No, I won’t tell you where because I need to get another bottle or two to share with friends. A normal Xocoveza is still a lovely seasonal experience and is readily available wherever Stone Brewing’s beers are sold.

Style: Mocha Stout
Color: Coal Black with Light Brown Bubbles
ABV: 9.6%
Availability: Limited (i.e. good luck finding it)


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