The Pumpkin Party has arrived!

It’s what we’ve been hinting at for some time now, but the moment has finally arrived…the Pumpkin Party is HERE! We decided to do a mashup of a review that includes the TinyBuild Games, Party Hard, with a slew of Pumpkin-flavored craft beers. Not only that, we do it at a party while there is a killer on the loose.

Pick up the game by visiting STEAM and you can find the brews all over the Continental US.

Check our Facebook page for updates, along with our Twitter and Instagram. We also have an UnTappd account where you can see what we’re drinking; and you can catch us on iTunes for your listening pleasure.

Any ideas you have for a game to play and a drink to go along with it? Email us:

Stay Thirsty and Play Indie!

~Casey and Jackie

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