The Pick Six – May 25, 2016 – Snape-ricot Ushers in Denver Comic Con, A Succulent Growing Simulator and Ommegang Wins Big at World Beer Cup


Breckenridge to release Snape-ricot Limited Edition Brew for Denver Comic Con – As a tribute to the late Alan Rickman, who played the ambiguous wizard Severus Snape in a certain low-budget film series called Harry Potter based on a few short stories by the same name, Breckenridge Brewery kept up the tradition of making a new beer to welcome the Denver Comic Con back for another year. Apricots and Ale seem like a good combination and we’d love to have our hands on it but it will (tentatively) only be available locally in Denver and makes its debut on May 20th. Attendees of the Con can also pick it up.


From Beers to Bottles – Rogue Ales has over 7 million honeybees at it’s farms and each one will visit up to 1500 flowers a day. To celebrate all of this pollination bee-havior, the brewery is releasing Honey Kolsch and Marionberry Broggot; both made with honey foraged from spring nectar sources including marionberry, cherry, jalapeño, cucumber, pumpkins and wildflower blossoms.  Both beers will be available the beginning of June for your bee-rew consumption.



Viridi, or a Game in Which You Can Determine What a Terrible Pet Parent You Can Be – From the world that brought you a simulator for pretty much everything else, if you ever wanted to try your hand at planting and growing succulents (the allegedly low maintenance and very resilient members of the plant kingdom), Viridi can help you. The game is free to play on Steam and will be out on mobile for iOS and Android sometime in the next year. I find the premise unusual but intriguing.


The Cleaner – If you remember Party Hard, you may like The Cleaner. The aesthetics take us back to the 70’s and our protagonist is a guy who cleans up crime scenes. It’s not out yet but we’re looking forward to trying it out.  See the trailer here.



Ommegang Wins Big at World Beer Cup – Cooperstown’s own Brewery Ommegang came home with three awards from the…well…World Cup of Beer. Rosetta, their cherry sour, won gold, Three Philosophers and Gnomegang won bronze and Ommegang was named the 2016 champion for a mid-sized brewery and brewmaster. In the event you’re not familiar with Ommegang (and if so, what’s the going rate on Airbnb for the rock you live under?) they’re the craft brewery that makes the licensed Game of Thrones beers. Congratulations!


Labatt Contributes to Disaster Relief Efforts in Fort McMurray, Alberta with Canned Water – Hold the jokes, kids. Yes, Labatt’s typical beer offerings are either the light, easy-drinking Labatt Blue, Blue Light or the horrid Labatt North American Non-Alcoholic beer. Which means that they’re also really capable of canning a bunch of actual water really quickly. And they have, to the tune of 200,000 cans that they are donating to Canadian Disaster Relief to assist firefighters and evacuated residents of the Canadian City that is currently being badly affected by wildfires in the region. You may recall that another Anheuser-Busch/InBev property, Budweiser, also contributed canned water to storm victims in Texas and Oklahoma last year.

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