The Pick Six – May 13, 2016 – Stone Brewery Founder To Save the Little Guys with True Craft, The Final Station and Comic Books + Beer = Bliss?


New Belgium to begin Distributing in New York State May 16th – If you’re a fan of Fat Tire or any of the other delicious brews on offer from New Belgium Brewing Company but are located in the inconvenient state of New York, our wait is almost over. You’ll begin seeing their offerings on store shelves and in bars beginning May 16th, just in time for your summer get togethers.

Genesee Brewery Pilot Batch Local – Dean Jones, the mad scientist/brewmaster for Genesee Brewing Company has released an Imperial Lemon Cream Ale. Described as a “silky smooth and crips take on a Genesee Cream ale has subtle notes of lemon zest and a subtle malt sweetness.” Alas, if you are not in the Rochester area, you won’t be able to get this one, but you should be able to find the Pilot Batch IPA and Pilsner, both of which are acceptable substitutes.



The Final Station – Do you like trains? Do you like zombies? Do you like survival horror games? The Final Station may fit the bill. Jackie played a bit of the adorably horrifying 8-bit game at PAX (which was oddly available to play on the other side of the booth that was also demoing Party Hard…). Not only are you responsible for yourself, but the passengers on your train. You’re also salvaging what you can from stations as you go while defending yourself from dark creatures (which is harder than you would imagine). The game will be out in Summer 2016 as of this writing, but no firm release date has been confirmed.

Fallout 4: Far Harbor Docking at A Console Near You May 19th – You’re in search of synths on an assignment for Valentine’s Detective Agency. Bethesda is billing it as the largest landmass they’ve ever created for an add-on and it’s going to have a file size to match. It looks like it’ll be around 3 GB and will cost $24.99 by itself unless you’ve already gotten the Season Pass (which is now $50).



Greg Koch, Co-Founder of Stone Brewing Co, creates True Craft – In what Jackie suspected was inevitable, Greg Koch, the scruffy co-founder of Stone Brewing Company has created True Craft. This collaboration is intended to enable small craft breweries to remain independent and help the little guys who just want to get bigger do so without having to sell their soul, and their business, to an In-Bev or similar operation to stay in the game. At least one person was skeptical of such an arrangement, fearing that eventually True Craft would become just as bad, if not worse, than the powers-that-be that currently exist. It’s a novel approach to a problem that no one saw coming, but we’ll keep an eye on it to see what comes of it.

Comics and Beer DO Mix: Wonder Woman and Dark Knight III: The Master Race writer Brian Azzarello is teaming up with 3 Floyd Brewing to bring an interesting combination to the masses. Azzarello and the eccentric brewing company will be creating a comic called Alpha King, which will pair nicely with a craft beer of the same name. This all-new series is a heavy metal mad mash-up through a futuristic medieval apocalypse.

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