The Pick Six – April 8, 2016 – Founders KBS, Chocolate Stout Ice Cream and Mobile Games


Founders Kentucky Bourbon Stout 2016 – April 1 saw the very limited release of Founders’ always anticipated Kentucky Bourbon Stout. The beer is brewed with chocolate and coffee and then aged in bourbon barrels until it’s ready to be rehomed with many beer enthusiasts. I preferred this year’s variant over last year’s (which was a bit heavy on the bourbon for my taste) and look forward to seeing how it develops over time.

Perry’s Ice Cream, Chocolate Stout – Western New York’s own Perry’s Ice Cream has yet another way for us to keep cool this summer. They’ve released Chocolate Stout which gives you everything you love about chocolate stouts minus the alcohol. Sold in a premium pint, it’s a chocolate stout flavored ice cream with roasted chocolate stout swirls and fudge flakes. Sadly we’ve not gotten our hands on it yet but will report back when we’ve had a chance to sample it. Good thing it’ll be available year round!


Twofold inc. is a cute puzzler to pass the time – There are a LOT of puzzlers out there to waste time on your mobile device with and Twofold Inc doesn’t do anything to break the mold necessarily, but it’s still a fun time. It’s basically a mobile version of that old puzzle where you slide the tiles to get them all to match. The big difference is that there is a robot to guide you and a somber soundtrack. Check it out on iOS and Android for Free.

Attuned is the Ouiji Board Game You Never Wanted –  I was intrigued by the idea of a supernatural puzzle game on my phone. Summoning the dark forces of beyond any time I wanted was something I couldn’t pass up. Unfortunately, Attuned, did not satiate my otherworldy desires. The basic premise is to create different shapes by swiping with your finger.

Shadow Bug – iOS, Muro Studios – Released last week, Shadow Bug has you saving your forest home from an evil factory. Some of the landscape looks eerily like a Mass Effect 2 Praetorian but the rest of the graphics have a cool artsy feel. And all you need to do to fight is tap. What more can you ask for?


Hey (Moderate) Beer Drinking May Be Good For You: Compounds from hops may help prevent cancer and other conditions like Alzheimer’s. Dr. Kristopher Waynant from the University of Idaho hopes they’ll be able to soon isolate the ingredients so treatments can be developed that don’t cause harm. Previous studies have linked the tasty beverage to stopping the development of prostate cancer, lowering the chances of getting kidney stones and dark ales and stouts can reduce heart attacks. Of course, all of these benefits mean nothing if you drink too much, so it’s probably a good thing that someone is trying to figure out what gives us those benefits without us needing to drink so much. No word if the compounds will be successful in helping you get through your next family gathering, however.

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