Drinking Quest: Journey into Draught Brings the Party Back to Kickstarter

You may recall that dontforgetatowel.com reviewed the Drinking Quest Trilogy, which was funded to fruition in 2014. This hybrid of a drinking game and tabletop RPG has taken the indie gaming world by storm and continues to grow.

Anarchy’s most recent Kickstarter success is the more Zen card game Haiku Warrior. This game expands the Drinking Quest Universe and brings back many of our old friends from the original Trilogy.

As of this writing, the game has hit its funding goal and has 28 days remaining for us to hit all the luscious stretch goals I’m sure he has planned. (Such as stylish and hilarious coasters of our favorite colleagues).


Backers can choose many tiers, some of which also give you discounted access to previous games by Jason Anarchy. I can vouch personally for the quality and hilarity of the games and if you and yours are good at RPGs, it’s a fun addition to any get together.

I mean…there are cards with Sexy Cthulu and Earl Grey Hot.

Check out the campaign on Kickstarter here.

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