Brewelist Advent Calendar – My Time At Portia from Pathea Games and Team17 Digital Ltd

I’ve had about a year with My Time at Portia from Pathea Games and I can safely say it’s one of the more memorable sims I’ve played.

That’s by no means an insult. While it’s the same style as Stardew Valley, it’s a completely different game.

The graphics are definitely more refined than other games in the genre.
The graphics are definitely more refined than other games in the genre.

You arrive in a new town as the child of a renowned builder and inherit his “humble” workshop. Of course the town has very high expectations and wants things from you almost immediately. The story progresses as you complete jobs and items in the name of civic duty. There are also holidays that take place every season, giving you opportunities to build up your relationships and get some seasonal items to spruce up your home.

There are dungeons and quests to collect x number of items because somehow you’re the only person in the town capable of doing anything of value. There’s also a story line which you can burn through pretty quickly, as the game is still in development (you’ll get an email when you’ve completed the quest line up to that point).

And you'll get to fight some (literally) colorful characters.
And you’ll get to fight some (literally) colorful characters.

Yes, technically the game is still Early Access, but compared to other games I’ve played in this phase, it’s a pretty smooth ride with very few bugs. I can’t say the same for some of the subtitles, but I’m willing to give that a pass (for now) since I’ve gotten so much enjoyment from it.

I could go on and on with this game, but you should just get out there and PLAY. The game is $19.99 on Steam and will be available on the Switch, PS4 and XBox One sometime in 2019.

Screenshots are from my own play through of the game, the logo is from Pathea Games. 

Brewelist Rating: 8/10
Style: RPG
Price (List): $19.99
Where to get it: Steam
DeveloperPathea Games
Publisher: Team17 Ltd


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