Brewelist Advent Calendar Day 17: Rocket League

I’m not usually a sports game player. I have never owned a Madden or NBA 2K game. I believe outside of Tecmo Superbowl and the Mutant League series, I don’t have any vast knowledge of that genre in gaming. All of that being said, I had heard the hype surrounding Rocket League and I knew that I had to play this game. It looked like a ton of fun in the videos and with the port to PS4, I tried it out. Let me just say, that I was instantly addicted and couldn’t stop playing. The colors are bright and vibrant, the gameplay is fast and furious, and the fun-factor is through the roof. Psyonix is constantly adding more features and DLC to the game. They recently even added the DELOREAN from Back to the Future!

Get this game for yourself, get it for your friends and family, and pair it with anything brew keeps you excited and happy!

Publisher: Psyonix Games

Genre: Sports!

Where to get it: Steam, Playstation Network, soon coming to Xbox One

Platform: PC/Mac, PS4

Rating (out of 10): 10/10

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