Brewelist Advent Calendar Day 16: ‘Z’

Back in the 90s, I got a Gateway computer. You know, the ones with the Cows. It was a powerful gaming machine at that time. Moving away from 3.75″ floppy’s and using actual CD’s. With this vast improvement in technology and drive space, many companies would pack a cd filled with demos of their latest games. It was on one of these discs that I experienced ‘Z‘ for the first time. A real-time strategy game where you had to navigate your robotic soldiers across an unruly planet and take out the other team. It was before Command & Conquer and the Warcraft games, and it was amazing. The robots had individual personalities, the graphics were top of the line, and even though I only had one level to play; I did so relentlessly.

Last year, TickTock Games acquired the rights from Bitmap Brothers and put out a new, HD, version of the game on PC and for iOs. I greedily downloaded it and have loved going back on the nostalgia train. Better graphics, more witty dialogue, and a ton of fun; I definitely recommend the updated version of Z.

Publisher: TickTock Games

Genre: Strategy

Where to get it: Steam, Playstation Network

Platform: PC, iOs

Rating (out of 10): 8/10

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