Brewelist Advent Calendar Day 15: Uinta Yard Sale Winter Lager

Beer: Yard Sale

Brewery Name/Location: Uinta Brewing, Salt Lake City, UT

ABV: 4%

Style: Winter Lager

Where to find: Beers of The World, Wegmans

Taste/Smell: Light hints of winter flavors like vanilla and caramel in both taste and smell.

Thoughts: After fall comes the winter beers which may be even better than the fall beers. Usually I like my beers dark, closer to stouts. However being an amber lager this beer falls into the darker category of lagers. This is a delicious beer that paired very well with my pasta and meatballs, and I have also had it with steak and potatoes. I could very easily see myself downing a six pack in front of a fire on a cold snowy day. According to Uinta’s website the term Yard Sale is when you fall off your skis and all your gear falls all over the mountain. So this winter take a chance to fall down the mountain and take a sip of the Yard Sale.

Rating (out of 10): 9/10

Submitted by Jake Duell

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