Brewelist Advent Calendar Day 11: Extreme Exorcism

I’ve always been a fan of Platforming games. Give me a Mario Bros. any day of the week and I’ll play it all day long. The new ones hearken back to a simpiler time in agaming, and if it’s done right, the nostalgia and gameplay can be a win/win. This is the case in Golden Ruby Games‘, Extreme Exorcism. You choose a character and a level, and then go around bashing/shooting/womping ghosts through a series of levels and try not to die too many times. Not an advanced concept by any means, but it doesn’t have to be. The graphics are simplistic and 8-bit. The music is chiptune-y and eerie. The biggest plus though? My fiancee wanted to play along with me and didn’t get discouraged when she died. Four people can play it at once, and that’s where the biggest points go to the game.

Teamwork makes the dream work they say, and it also keeps the ghosts away!

Publisher: Golden Ruby Games

Genre: Action Platformer

Where to get it: Steam, Playstation Network

Platform: PC/Mac, PS4/PS3

Rating (out of 10): 8/10

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