Brewelist Advent Calendar 2018 – Hippy Holidays Gingerbread Wheat

“Oh, Three Heads has a Gingerbread Wheat Beer?” I asked myself as I perused the new beers at the grocery store.

Unwilling to commit to a six pack, I was delighted to find Hippy Holidays Gingerbread Wheat in the “craft your own six pack” section of the beer corner.

And, well, good thing I only got the bottle.

I like wheat beers. I like them a lot, in fact. I drink them regularly in all their different forms.

I cannot, though, get on board with the Belgian ones. Sadly (for me), this beer is a Belgian Wheat. For those of you not in the know, Belgians tend to have a smoky, effervescent flavor that also has notes of banana to them sometimes.

This beer had the spice but the smokiness of it ruined it for me. Because the flavor profile wasn’t my cup of tea, I’m still mentioning it in our Advent Calendar because others may be totally on board with this flavor combination, and it’s definitely a solid holiday brew otherwise.

This was not a replacement for the Harpoon UFO Gingerbread Wheat that, perplexingly, didn’t appear this year. There are also a lot of solid holiday spiced ales (such as the Big Ditch Fresh Baked Spiced Ale we featured a few days ago) out there this year too.

This is a seasonal release, so if you are into gingerbread and Belgian Witbiers, get yourself somewhere that sells it before it runs out.

Style: Belgian Wit
Color: Reddish Brown
ABV: 7%
Availability: Seasonal

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