Assault Android Cactus and Brewfist Space Man India Pale Ale

Happy Friday our lovely Brew Bros and Brewelettes!

So, when you’re playing a game called Assault Android Cactus from Witchbeam, you’d expect to be drinking a Cactus-type beer. Unfortunately, we live in Upstate NY where everything has been pumpkinized and there’s no cactus beers in sight. We decided we’d try the next best thing and pair this amazing game with a spacey-type beer in the Space Man India Pale Ale from Brewfist. It’s a unique pairing to say the least and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it after listening to the episode below!

Pick up the game by visiting their STEAM page, and find the brew at your local import spot!

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Stay Thirsty and Play Indie!

~Casey and Jackie

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