Brewelist Advent Calendar Day 16: ‘Z’

Back in the 90s, I got a Gateway computer. You know, the ones with the Cows. It was a powerful gaming machine at that time. Moving away from 3.75″ floppy’s and using actual CD’s. With this vast improvement in technology and drive space, many companies would pack a cd filled with demos of their latest games. It was on one of these discs that I experienced ‘Z‘ for the first time. A real-time strategy game where you had to navigate your robotic soldiers across an unruly planet and take out the other team. It was before Command & Conquer and the Warcraft games, and it was amazing. The robots had individual personalities, the graphics were top of the line, and even though I only had one level to play; I did so relentlessly.

Last year, TickTock Games acquired the rights from Bitmap Brothers and put out a new, HD, version of the game on PC and for iOs. I greedily downloaded it and have loved going back on the nostalgia train. Better graphics, more witty dialogue, and a ton of fun; I definitely recommend the updated version of Z.

Publisher: TickTock Games

Genre: Strategy

Where to get it: Steam, Playstation Network

Platform: PC, iOs

Rating (out of 10): 8/10


Brewelist Advent Calendar Day 11: Extreme Exorcism

I’ve always been a fan of Platforming games. Give me a Mario Bros. any day of the week and I’ll play it all day long. The new ones hearken back to a simpiler time in agaming, and if it’s done right, the nostalgia and gameplay can be a win/win. This is the case in Golden Ruby Games‘, Extreme Exorcism. You choose a character and a level, and then go around bashing/shooting/womping ghosts through a series of levels and try not to die too many times. Not an advanced concept by any means, but it doesn’t have to be. The graphics are simplistic and 8-bit. The music is chiptune-y and eerie. The biggest plus though? My fiancee wanted to play along with me and didn’t get discouraged when she died. Four people can play it at once, and that’s where the biggest points go to the game.

Teamwork makes the dream work they say, and it also keeps the ghosts away!

Publisher: Golden Ruby Games

Genre: Action Platformer

Where to get it: Steam, Playstation Network

Platform: PC/Mac, PS4/PS3

Rating (out of 10): 8/10

super motherload

Brewelist Advent Calendar Day 9: Super Motherload

I remember playing the free flash version of Super Motherload while in high school on my PC, digging away, trying to find the mystery of Mars in this alternate reality where the Cold War is still happening. When I reached the planet’s core, I found out the true secrets of Mars. When I got a PS4 I was super excited to play this game again, with added features to the story, including more upgrades for your digger, different characters to play as, and even a local multiplayer mode.

I grapped my PS4 controller and the game was as fun as I remembered, and super easy to pick up and play for short periods of time when I just wanted to relax for a bit. The PS4 version, and the new PC version I assume, is much more in depth then the original free-to-play game and I still haven’t reached Mars core to see how the story plays out since there are now multiple endings. So I implore you, go out and try Super Motherload, get in a digger, upgrade your machine, collect gems, and ‘Get your Ass to Mars’.

Publisher: XGen Studios

Genre: Digging Adventure, RPG, Casual, Arcade, Puzzle

Website: http://supermotherload.com/

Where to get it: Playstation Store for PS4 or PS3, or Steam for PC

Price: $14.99

Platform: PS3, PS4, PC

Rating (out of 10): 8


Brewelist Advent Calendar Day 6 : Monochroma

If you’re a fan of dystopian futures and the game Limbo, then Monochroma from Nowhere Studios, is right up your alley. It only uses black, white, and red colors and tells the story of a boy searching for his younger brother. It plays very fun and has a great soundtrack, despite the depressing backdrop.

Publisher: Nowhere Studios

Genre: Cinematic Puzzler

Where to get it: Steam

Platform: PC/Mac

Rating (out of 10): 8/10